About us.

Our primary objective is to provide outstanding team members for the worldwide business community.

Why My Cloud Sourcing?

  • We are one of the most successful outsourcing businesses in Bangladesh. We have offices in Sydney, Australia and Chittagong, Bangladesh.

    Bangladesh is full of talented people and our talent search team tirelessly searches for new talents to hire while providing them with a great work environment and nurture them for their long term growth for our global clientele.

  • Commitment

    Our commitment to you is that we will always work towards having a fluid partnership. We will always make sure the staff are looked after properly. We will intentionally nurture their success, individually and collectively, keeping morale high and infusing them with your specific passion, vision and purpose.

  • Technology

    We will provide all the necessary hardware including dual monitors so your staff can run multiple applications simultaneously. We will also provide the latest windows operating system to run on the computers.

  • Quality of Staff

    All the candidates that go through the selection process are well versed in English and are degree qualified students from a reputable university. Essentially top students from top Schools and Universities.

  • Security

    Database Security is of utmost importance, therefore strict work guidelines forbid any personal use of the computer systems (i.e. personal emails, internet sites etc.) to eliminate any external digital security threats. Data Security will be maintained meticulously due to the sensitive nature of the information being used. No USB or CD drives are provided in the business computers and no printers will exist in the office – to avoid any physical data/information being compromised. An on-site Office Manager will continually monitor the operations and we also have CC TV cameras inside the office so staff can be visually observed at any given time.

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  • Southeast Asian country with 161 million people

  • Neighbouring countries – India and Myanmar (Burma)

  • Cricket loving country and a permanent member of World Cup Cricket. 

  • Largest textile exporters in the world

  • Major cities – Dhaka and Chittagong

  • English is compulsory subject in school, college and universities

  • All university curriculums are in English

  • People are loving and very passionate at what they do

  • People are welcoming and friendly

Australia team.

Tanjina Tazrin

General Manager

Kota Keniry

IT Project Manager

Bangladesh team.

Abid Reza

Mohammed Rahim


Ishrak Sham

Office manager

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